Railcar and road tankers cleaning systems

KMT International, Inc presents stationary modular systems for washing railroad cars tankers and auto tankers.

First system are intended for railroad transportation, oil, and petrochemical industries. The implementation of these systems plays an important role in maintaining environmental safety.

System's pay off period is very short due to the value of the recovered petroleum products, low cost of the solid waste disposal, in comparison with a sludge, high efficiency of operation, and possibility to contract other businesses for tank cleaning services. The system also saves money by preventing penalties for lack of compliance with environmental regulations.

Second presented system is a standard auto tanker washing system that is suitable for general purpose cleaning of the road tankers that are used to carry a variety of commodities.

Third presented washing system designed specifically for cleaning food grade tank trailers and vessels. This modular machine contains all the equipment and controls required to properly clean food grade carriers. The system can be configured to wash either one or two tankers simultaneously.