Solid oil waste treatment

Indirect Thermal Desorption System

KMT International Inc presents unique Indirect heat thermal desorption system uses indirect thermal desorption to recover and recycle hydrocarbon contaminated solids for safe on-site disposal. This is a portable system designed to thermally remove hydrocarbons from solids.

Using the latest in resistive element technology to heat the rotors and housing, the Electric-Scru processor can be zoned to accommodate the process temperatures and heat transfer rates required by the process. Typical units are two zone, but up to four zones can be incorporated into the design of larger units. Each zone can be programed to generate process temperatures of over 1200°F. Utilizing the zoning technology the feedstock is exposed to different rotor and housing surface temperatures as it is conveyed through the unit.

With a state-of-the-art screw-configuration, Therma-Flite processors deliver greater heat transfer surface per cubic foot of equipment than other thermal processor technology. This efficient design means an extremely powerful unit that packs high-impact processing in a compact footprint. The way it works is simple. Feed stock is treated through controlled heat (or cold) conduction, so it is never degraded or contaminated by interacting with material necessary to operate the unit(water, steam, oil or gas). Feed stock flows like clockwork through the Therma-Flite screw processor, and is exposed only to a consistent, pre-set temperature for accurate thermal processing.

Система термодесорбции

Systems can process various materials such as:

  • Hydrocarbons contaminated soil (results of oil or fuel spillages, etc);
  • Solid fraction after processing sludge from oil ponds or lagoons on centrifuge;
  • Sediments from oil and bunker oil tanks;
  • Spend catalysts used in oil refineries, etc.

KMT International Inc represents Therma-Flite, Inc technology.

Complete system consists of several units. Major units includes: material preparation unit, thermal extraction unit, environmental control unit and quench condensing scrubber.

Advantages of proposed system:

  • Dry or Decontaminate sludge and soil onsite;
  • Combat the high cost of incineratione;
  • Meet EPA requirements;
  • No after burning, No catalytic combustion;
  • Cost effective;
  • Easy to move and install;
  • Heating capabilities run from 80 to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit;
  • Can be built to be operated under a vacuum.

Hydrocarbons in processed material: below 0.5% by weight. System performance: mobile design - up to 1 metric ton/hour; stationary design - up to 10 metric ton/hour.

KMT International Inc provides full service including:

  • Engineering design and ready to start equipment supply.
  • Warranty and after warranty technical support and service.
  • System startup service and personal training.