Innovative solutions to protect the environment
        ISO 900

KMT International Inc. is an engineering/manufacturing company founded in 1999. Headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in California, USA. Company focuses on petrochemical industry and offers various environmentally friendly technologies for oil tank cleaning, sludge processing, soil remediation, reservoirs cleaning and industrial wastewater treatment. Our comprehensive solution allows completely resolve environmental and technological problems related to liquid and solid oil waste.

KMT International Inc ISO 9001 certified (Development, technology design and equipment manufacturing for oil and gas industries.) TUV Rheinland InterCert certifies that KMT International Inc Quality Management System complies with ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

Our unique MegaMacs systems for oil tanks cleaning is used in upstream and downstream operations of oil industry. System performs desludging, oil recovery and tank washing during oil tank cleaning in one continuous process. MegaMacs is extremely safe and highly productive in operations. During many years of using this technology around the globe, more than 1500 tanks were cleaned. Using additional auxiliary equipment will allow cleaning of many other oil and sludge holding vessels. MegaMacs can clean ships, barges, sludge collection pits and lagoons, various petrochemical holding reservoirs, etc. When used for crude oil tank cleaning our system delivers outstanding results in the compact, mobile, self contained and energy independent package.

MegaMacs Flash Presentation

Thermal-Desorption system is indirect fire equipment for the soil remediation, hydrocarbons contaminated solids decontamination as well as spent catalysts incineration. Our Thermodesorber system can be mobile or stationary. Oil recovered from contaminated soil is used for kiln heating reducing energy cost.

Automated Rail Cars and Tanker Cars washing system for any petrochemical and food products. High quality of cleaning will allow product change in a short period of time. System is modular and can handle heaviest oil products.

KMT International, Inc. provides turnkey solutions based on customer's specification. Systems installation, commissioning and personnel training are always parts of the package. Our extensive experience in international trade will greatly benefit our customers reducing shipping cost and streamlining logistics of entire transaction.